Pause Contest is officially in the books!!! Thanks so much to everyone who submitted videos for this contest. Even if you didn't win a prize, I hope you were all able to pick up some fans from your videos :) I enjoyed watching all of them!!

I started working on this song late last year, and I remember lots of late nights recording and re-recording vocals, reworking the lyrics, and fine-tuning the mix for months before it was finally done. Then it was many more months of planning for the promotion and release of this song and the others I wrote last year. After having that file sit on my desktop for so many months, it's so cool and rewarding for me to see all of your videos bring life to the music, so thank you all so much for your work :)

I have lots of new songs coming out later this year. My next song, which is one of my favorites of the ones I wrote last year, will be dropping on August 28th. If you'd like to hear it, be sure to follow me on Spotify here :) 

I'm not sure if I'm going to be doing a contest for all my songs, but I definitely have plans for TikTok promotions for at least a couple of them in the future. If you'd like to know about all future contests and promo opportunities, you can join the facebook group I created that connects TikTok Influencers with Musicians here: ). Alternatively, if you don't use Facebook, feel free to email me at with your intent to stay in the loop for future TikTok promotions, and I'll add you to the mailing list

For the prize winners, the top 3 were chosen by TikTok's algorithm for ranking videos (I believe it ranks them by likes). I took a screenshot of the top 3 at exactly 11:59pm Friday 7/25, which you can see below. The third place video was a paid promotion, so it doesn't count for the contest prizes. So videos "1", "2" and "4" will win the three prizes for most popular video. Additional, I included a prize for "most creative use of the song". I ended up choosing two videos for this prize. Both of these videos stood out to me, because of their unique ways of incorporating the actual pause in the song. I thought @meggylapz 's pausing of the rain in her video was super cool, and something I hadn't seen before. Also, @luca_beja's "red carpet" video, where she uses flashing cameras to change clothes during the pause in the song, I also thought was really dope. Loved all your video submissions, but those were my choices for most creative! Thanks everyone, hope to work with you again soon! :)






Second place: @olivernordin1

Third place: @uncorked

MOST CREATIVE VIDEOS: @luca_beja and @meggylapz

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